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Pool Lesson Testimonials

This is What People have to Say About Scott's Teaching Abilities!

Those of you who have taken lessons from Scott Lee, know that he has great teaching skills. He could have easily been a first class school teacher or college professor. My story is that I used to play a lot, quit playing for 20 years, and decided to get back into the sport about a year ago. I like my game, but I want to be more consistent in competition.

Can Scott teach an advanced player? You bet he can!  We went through my whole game for about 4 hours.  He pretty much checked over everything. I felt fortunate that he didn't want to change my stroke or mechanics, but he showed me a few things that added some weapons to the arsenal. Namely, he set me up with options for a pre-shot routine, and he taught me a neat little soft stroke that is a great offensive and defensive weapon. He also showed me some pressure drills. These helped almost immediately in the tournament we had the next day!

This part is hard to describe, but he gave me a fresh approach to various ways to play shape. I asked him about ways of hitting shots for shape, and he pointed out how he viewed the angles. His approach is positive and simple. As  a result, he has developed reliable ways to help pressure-proof the game.   It was great having a very experienced, knowledgeable, professional instructor over for a session. I can't wait until I've have time to practice and totally assimilate Scott's suggestions into my game. Scott's a straight shooter, who is not afraid to tell it like it is! I would recommend to any player at any level, to take a lesson from Scott Lee. I was pumped up with what he showed me!

--Chris Tate, S. CA

I contacted Scott for a lesson, because of the many posts here on the Cue Chalk Board (www.billiardsdigest.com/CCB) that indicated a lot of emphasis on the stroke. They were right, and he helped me considerably. He made me realize how much time I had wasted years ago, by not getting that quality of instruction! His personality and energy are also a big plus!

--Roy Stanford, Reserve, NM

Although I had my reservations going into the lesson, I am already a very satisfied customer. Here is where I stood before my lesson. I played as an APA 7 for a year or so, but I gave up that league system because I was not really happy with the way it was run. I play in a Valley league now, and have done so for several years. I am usually at the upper ranks, but I just do not have the consistency or mental strength to compete in the satellite pro tournaments. I am missing something. I contacted Scott several months ago, and set up my first lesson, which happened yesterday.

Boy, did he open my eyes! Scott pointed out a few minor flaws in my approach to the game...minor, yet the barrier that has been holding me back! He set me up with a pre-shot routine and a warm up routine to do before I begin with any other practice exercises. He also educated me on a couple of things I "thought" I already knew! I have some concrete things to work on, and Scott gave me the tools to accomplish my goals, which are to start cashing in somewhere in some of these tournaments (Viking Tour, etc.). I would highly recommend Scott and his teaching style. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Well worth the $75 per hour he charges. I figured that as much as I have invested in equipment and table time, this was very small price to pay. I plan to master the exercises he has given me, and have him back in 6 months to a year!

--Joe Koontz, Dayton, OH

I took my first lesson with Scott Lee last Sunday. I was very pleased with the lesson, and will be looking forward to the next time he is in town. Some of the best money anyone could spend on their pool game!

--Darren Wood, Terre Haute, IN

The nice thing, is that Scott videotapes your lesson, and you can review it anytime you want to, at will!

--Veronique Stouffs, Chicago, IL

My lesson with Scott Lee was last June, and I am just reaping the rewards now, a year later. Just call me a slow learner! I had only been playing pool for 9 months when Scott gave me my lesson. My level of play jumped immediately, to the point that all of my regular opponents could tell something had happened! No one knew I had taken a lesson. Scott's methods were new to me, and I felt uncomfortable over the ball much of the time. Some days I scared myself with superior play, and other day, it was like I had never played the game. Scott called it 'downtime', but I called it frustration in the first degree! I believed in Scott, and his teaching methods, and I have stayed the course! The one thing Scott can't do is get inside of your body, and you can't get in his. It takes time to put every thing together, as it relates to form, when you are addressing the ball. We are all built differently, and what works for one player, doesn't work for another! With a lot of practice and table time, I have finally been able to put it all together, and have now become very consistent. I have now been playing for 1 1/2 years, but any opponent that plays me, knows they had better bring their A-game with them when they play me! This is all due to an 8-hour lesson with Scott, and believing in his techniques!

--Lock McKinnon, Burlington, NC

I had a single one hour lesson with Scott when he was last in Southern California.  I thought I was spending a lot.  Scott is an excellent and patient teacher, but my game did not improve immediately, as I had hoped.  Instead, with Scott's recommended practice and drills, my game/stroke has improved constantly every week, along with my confidence.  One thing that I was really worried about, was not being able to "aim" correctly.  Once I improved my fundamentals, the importance of "aiming right", went away.  My game improved so much, I was able to win the gold medal in pocket billiards, during the recent Senior Olympics here in Southern California!  Thanks Scott!  Come on back to L.A.!

--Julian Bell, Los Angeles, CA

I also took a lesson from Scott, and really enjoyed it.  Last night I played the tape again, and picked up things on it, that I didn't catch in the lesson, or during my first viewing.  So don't forget to watch the tape again in a couple months.  

--Mark Hagerman, McDonough, GA

A lesson from Scott Lee will be the best money you ever spent to improve your pool game.  However, just so you know...you MUST practice the things you learn, or it will be money wasted!

--Wally Phillips, Cincinnati, OH

I just want to thank all the CCB'rs (www.billiardsdigest.com/CCB) who recommended Scott Lee to me as an instructor.  Bluewolf and I had lessons last night, which we will never forget.  You just can't say enough about the quality and quantity of Scott's teaching.  he puts out a thousand percent effort, and is very entertaining, in addition to being very knowledgeable.  Thank you, Scott!

--Ray Woodford, Baltimore, MD

On Saturday, I had the privilege of having the first pool lesson of my life, from Scott Lee.  Although I have no other lessons to compare it to, my lesson with Scott was both informative and enjoyable.  The time just flew!  Scott detected some flaws in my stroke, and provided me with a series of drills to help me work on my game.  His philosophy of keeping thngs simple, is the path that I will be trying to follow.  I didn't expect Scott to correct 35+ years of bad habits in a couple of hours, but with the problems he noticed, and the instruction that he provided, along with some work on my part, I expect my game will improve!   I want to thank Scott publicly, for a very enjoyable experience!  You can't go wrong with Scott.  He's one of the best!

--Rich Rhoads, Baltimore, MD

I have used Scott Lee, and he is First Class!  I'm looking forward to having him work with my daughter, next time he is through my area.

--Rick Lowell, Foley, AL

I, too, would recommend Scott Lee.  You get quite a bit of good instruction for your money, and a video of your lesson, to check your progress.  He has a passion for teaching pool, that rubs off on the student!

--Dennis Walsh, Chicago, IL

Pool theory is not talked about enough by many of the people out there teaching.  One thing I will say about my lesson with Scott, is, he did get into some of the table layout theory.  Even more surprising was the mental pointers that he showed me, which I'm sure many "instructors" wouldn't go into.  As an example, we talked about having a margin of error, while doing drills, so that students can give themselves positive feedback, while practicing....and, not shooting the same impossible shot 100's of times in a row, and getting frustrated!  These are teaching theories that I personally feel are very important, but I have never heard any other instructor, using videotape, talk about.  I am not here to blow Scott's whistle, as much as point out some of the things he does, that I think are important in the teaching process.

--Darren Wood, Terre Haute, IN

When I watched the tape, I watched SCOTT'S stroke, because I knew that his was right, and it was that stroke that I wanted, not my imperfect one.  Then, even when I wasn't at the table, I remember what now seemed to be a funny time, walking the woods, and swinging my arm in the pendulum stroke he had taught me.  I watched his demo's of of the other things, like the speed control drills.  Just like some beginners will try to emulate a good player they see, I tried to emulate the good player, Scott, from the video that I had.

If Scott had only videotaped me playing, it would not have been as beneficial.  Even though he taught me many fundamentals, focusing particularly on the stroke, I was just a beginner, and had to practice this a lot!  I've worked hard, and my stroke has improved a lot.

--Laura Woodford, Baltimore, MD

Spending time with Scott Lee on the tables was a great experience.  We spent the day and most of the early evening on the lessons, and later went out and did some room hopping!

I was very impressed with his knowledge of the game, and moreso about how he was able to teach it, and simplify so many things.  I will say that I had some doubts, but they were very quickly erased before we put the first balls on the table.  My advice to anyone considering taking lessons from Scott:  DO IT!!!  

--Ralph Smith, Ft. Wayne, IN

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