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Trick Shot Demonstration Testimonials

Here are what just a few schools have to say about Scott Lee:

"Scott demonstrated his amazing talents as an expert billiards player and teacher!

...educational and informative presentations!...Above all Scott was a true professional, with a good rapport with the students and staff alike!"

--Sue Weitz, Vice President for Student Life, Gonzaga University

"I just wanted to let you know how much our students (and staff) enjoyed your stay here at College of DuPage. Obviously, you know how successful the event was, but what is really amazing is the after-effect. There are a lot more students practicing pool, and teaching other students the tips they learned from you. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you again next year, and taking another crack at you...and the tournament! Thanks for doing such a great job. Your knowledge and skill are awesome, but your ability to connect with the students is really amazing!"

--Chuck Steele. Student Activities Coordinator, College of DuPage

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding performance at the Pocket Billiards & Trick Show last Wednesday. All students and staff who attended raved about your unique and interesting presentation, that incorporated every aspect of billiards, in an informative and enjoyable way. We really like your show. I was very impressed by your ability to integrate a comprehensible lesson, while at the same time performing a complicated trick. This is the first time Hofsta has presented such an event, and with the positive feedback we have received, your show is definitely an event we would like to see again. I would also like to thank you for staying after the event to play and interact with the students. This was a welcome difference from the traditional performer, and it was well received by all! again thank you very much for an outstanding program that was both educational, and tons of fun!"

--Courtney O'Mealley, Dean of Students Office, Hofstra University

"You give an outstanding performance! Your week-long clinic was enjoyable by hundreds of students and faculty. We are making this annual event! See you next year!"

--Steve Coan, Bone Student Center, Illinois University

"Your performance was excellent! Your instructions were very helpful, and your trick shots were interesting. I especially enjoyed your interaction with the students! Students that I talked to also said was very beneficial to their understanding of the game! We plan to have you back at our school again next year!"

--Nora Wilkes, Adams Center Union Board, Troy State University

"What a performance! You had our kids completely captivated for 3 days...and they wanted more! We want the same dates for next year, with the tournament and classes too! Thanks Scott!"

--Greg Goulas, Student Activities Coordinator, Youngstown State University

"The students and I really enjoyed your show! It was the highlight of our Vandy Late Night program this year! Please include us in your next year's tour!

--Ladonna Meuchel, Director of Campus Recreation, Vanderbilt University

"Our students couldn't say enough nice things about your show! just be sure to call me with next year's date!"

--Wendy Del Bello, Student Activities Coordinator, Alvin Community College

"All I can say is...rarely have I seen any performer with your dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm! Please call me with a date for your next year's tour!"

--Greg Hopkins, Director of EKU Foodservice, Eastern Kentucky University

"Thank you for the wonderful program! The students really enjoyed it. I had a great many nice complements. They were very impressed with your ability to make it seem easy, and I am sure you will have made a lasting impression on some of these players! Also, our instructor was very appreciative of the advice you gave him on teaching, and is using it in his class! I look forward to seeing you again!"

--Daisey Urban, Asst. Director for Auxiliary Operations, UNC/Charlotte

"Mr. Lee, you are the first professional pocket billiards player to come to our school. Even though most of our students are African-American, your presentation was excellent, and the students most definitely want to have you come back again soon! Please call us with an available date for next year!"

--Rob Robinson, Director of Student Activities, St. Augustine's College, NC

"Your shows were some of the most well-attended events I have ever seen! We would like you to come back to our school twice a year...fall and spring!"

--Nancy Friley, Student Activities, St. Perersburg Junior College

"There must have been 300 students at your show! Everyone raved about it afterwards. Thanks so much for staying after to play and visit with the students. Please come back again soon!"

--Mike Ducatte, Manager, Rathskeller PUB & Cafe, Florida Tech

"You were a big hit with out students! Please reserve a spot on your next year's tour for us!"

--Gerry Van Akeren, Union Director, Montana Tech

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