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A Tricky Hicky

Freeze the 4, 3, 2, and 1-balls in a straight line, to the cushion, at the 2nd diamond. Tap the balls so that they stay in position. Put the tip of your cuestick in the left side of the side pocket and ease the butt of the cue over against the 1-ball. Place the 9-ball along side the butt, with 1" of space between the 1-ball and 9-ball. Tap the 9 into place. Tell your audience that you're going to make a good hit on the 1-ball, and pocket the 9-ball in the opposite side pocket. Using low right english, and a medium speed stroke, hit as much of the 1-ball as you can without touching the 9-ball. The 9 should go right into the side pocket. A soft stroke will make the 9 go long, and too hard of a stroke will make it run short.

A Tricky Hicky Trick Shot

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