"Scott Lee has got to be one of the finest pool instuctors in the country. He has a simple way of teaching, which most everyone should be able to understand, and if followed, should help improve their games. I attended his 4 hour instructional entertaining show at USC's Russell House given for the the students there. He had some of them pocketing balls and stroking with a correct bridge so quickly that you could see them improving their game and liking it within minutes. Even for those of us who have been playing pool for years, his way of teaching brings new meaning to how the game is played. (I never realized how important is is to really UNDERSTAND the "diamond system" for banking and kicking balls until he showed it last week.) I, for one, am sure that the 1-1/2 hour critique/instruction I received here in Columbia,SC from Scott on the following day of his show is going to make MY GAME improve considerably. I HIGHLY recommend this man and his method of teaching on how to play the game of pool. And, I look forward to working with him again in the Fall. "

Thanks Scott!

Ron Chapiesky in SC



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding performance at the Pocket Billiards & Trick Show last Wednesday. All students and staff who attended raved about your unique and interesting presentation, that incorporated every aspect of billiards, in an informative and enjoyable way. We really like your show. I was very impressed by your ability to integrate a comprehensible lesson, while at the same time performing a complicated trick. This is the first time Hofsta has presented such an event, and with the positive feedback we have received, your show is definitely an event we would like to see again. I would also like to thank you for staying after the event to play and interact with the students. This was a welcome difference from the traditional performer, and it was well received by all! again thank you very much for an outstanding program that was both educational, and tons of fun!"

Courtney O'Mealley
Dean of Students Office, Hofstra University





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