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Scott Lee - Pool Teacher and Trick Shot Artist

"Playing pocket billiards is not about gambling. It's about competitive spirit, a desire for excellence, and having fun!"

Scott Lee

Scott Lee has been playing pocket billiards for more than 40 years, and teaching professionally since 1977. He has been a PBIA Certified Instructor since the inception of the program. Beginning in 1995, striving to change the image of pool, Scott has toured 8-9 months of the year, with his Traveling College of Billiard Knowledge shows, entertaining and teaching audiences at colleges, universities, military bases and poolrooms everywhere!

He is a protege of  PBIA Master Instructor, Jerry Briesath; famous pocket billiards showman, Jack White; and renowned trick shot artist, Willie Jopling, utilizing what he has learned from each of them, to hone his skills as a professional instructor, showman, and trick shot artist! He is available for private instruction and various promotional functions.

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