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Trick Shots

Setting up the Shots

The diagrams in this book were designed for the beginner as well as the advanced player who is interested in learning trick shots.

The instructions, which may seem lengthy to some, are deemed necessary for the beginner. However, anyone familiar with trick shots can simply memorize the key below, set up the shots from the diagrams, and whack them in as instructed by the silhouette.

Trick Shots Courtesy of Willie Jopling.

Trick Shot Diagrams and Directions

Trick Shot Key to Diagrams

Solid Ball—The Cueball, Whitey, Snow, the Rock.
Six Ball
Numbered Balls—Object balls.
Broken Ball—Balls used for setting up the shots and then removed from the table.
Pool Shot Diagram
Cueball Silhouette—How to hit the shot.
Dotted Lines—Aiming and lining up balls
Solid Lines—Path of cueball
Broken Lines—Path of object balls.
Cuestick—Indicates the direction of shot

For better visibility the balls in these diagrams are large in proportion to the table. However, this should not interfere when setting up the shots.

The following trick shots were proven on 4.5' x 9' commercial tables. Some may need adjustment on smaller or non commercial home tables, because, the rails on less expensive ones rebound differently.

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