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Elevate your pool game to the next level

Scott Lee is regarded as one of the most sought after "stroke" instructors in the United States. Students from all over the country, and even around the world, seek out his expertise in communicating, and teaching, the simplicity of a finely-tuned stroke. The critical definition of the stroke, is a "beautiful, forward, throwing motion!" Mechanics, fundamental technique, and timing, all come together to create a 'perfect' swing through the cue ball. Mr. Lee believes that the essence of an excellent swing, is the cornerstone for quick and permanent improvement in your pool game, and as such, devotes significant time and effort in developing the understanding and execution of potential student's strokes. After that, students learn that their personal level of consistent play improves almost immediately, with some disciplined practice. A side benefit is that they experience less drastic ups and downs in their actual play, and develop more of an almost 'subconscious' ability to consistently stroke the cue ball accurately, time after time. A student with a 'perfect' stroke can then learn the subtle nuances of how to play a particular game, much more easily.

Working with all ability players, from beginner to professional, Mr. Lee guarantees that every student, regardless of ability, will come away with a better understanding of their own proficiency, and how to achieve a better balance between the mental and physical parts of their game, for a seamless, smooth, repeatable and sustainable stroke. Lee also teaches every other aspect of improving your pool game, regardless of what game(s) you prefer to play.

Although priced higher than some, and less than others, Scott Lee makes this guarantee to every potential student: "I am highly confidant in my skill as an effective teacher! If you're skeptical, invest a minimum of four hours of your time with me. If, at the end of two hours, you're not completely satisfied, we'll shake hands, and there will be no charge for the lesson."

Available for private and group instruction. All abilities, beginner to expert.

All lessons include stroke diagnostics and corrective measures, videotape analysis, and a DVD recording of the lesson.

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Private lessons:

Semi-private lesson:

$225/hr. (min 2 hrs), or $1000/day
(maximum of 6 students)

Group rate:
$375/hr. (min 2 hrs; any size group)

Call (773) 551-7473 or Contact Scott Lee today to jump start your pool game!