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The Color of Money it Ain't: Pool player strives to change the game's image

When most people think of professional pool players, an image somewhat akin to Paul Newman's character in "The Color of Money" is conjured up.

While it is very common for most billiard players to make a career out of smoke-filled rooms and hustled money, Scott Lee prefers to do it on college campuses.

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Pool pro takes a shot at the Illini Union

Scott Lee never dreamed he would one day take over for the man who inspired him to learn the game of pool. Lee, an advanced instructor certified by the Billiard Congress of America and a renowned trick-shot artist, learned billiards and pool under instruction of billiard virtuoso Jack White. Lee became White’s protégé, and when White retired in 1995, Lee carried on the legacy. He has been performing on White’s former tour ever since...

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Pool Shark Trickery

Rack ‘em, Stand back and learn. Scott Lee’s pool-shooting students were banking on it.

Lee, a billiards instructor from Bozeman, Mont., was at Galvin Hall at Ohio State University/Lima on Wednesday demonstrating practical methods and fancy tricks.

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Billiards professional visits ISU

Normally a place to unwind or take care of a friendly dispute, this week the Bowling and Billiards Center hosts a golden opportunity for students to improve their billiards play.

“ I have been playing for 30 years--22 of those I have spent as a teacher,” Lee said. “I have 17 students that have gone on to win national championships including three collegiate championships.”

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